Oxford University: Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld Scholarship and Leadership Programme

Training the future leaders of developing countries at Oxford University


The Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld Scholarship and Leadership Programme cultivates the leaders of tomorrow by providing outstanding university graduates and young professionals from Africa, Asia and South America with the opportunity to pursue fully-funded graduate studies at the University of Oxford.


Alongside their academic studies, the comprehensive program of leadership activities provides graduates with knowledge, skills and networks that they can leverage during public life in their home countries or regions of origin. The program also builds enduring professional links across cultures and continents. As part of the annual recruitment process (see information for applications), successful applicants must demonstrate a commitment to serving their home regions or the global community through their chosen field of work.

Key figures

  • 65 scholars sponsored
  • From 31 countries
  • 2 PhD scholars in Plants Sciences
  • 9 Louis Dreyfus Foundation's programs visited by scholars since 2014

In partnership with Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Trust

The programme is run by the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Trust. Learn more about the programme at http://whtrust.org/scholarships/leadership-programme/ and read the 2015/2016 Annual Report.

To find out more visit http://weidenfeldhoffmann.org

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The latest news from our scholars

The opportunities that the Programme has offered me have allowed me to both develop a deeper understanding of the issues relevant to my discipline and network with people who are leaders in the relevant sectors, to learn from them and gain a completely new perspective that I will take with me wherever I go in the future.

Karim Aziz (Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann), Egypt, MP


The Weidenfeld community is priceless. The organization team and the scholars have been supportive since the beginning. This makes life in Oxford enjoyable and much easier.

Gabriela Carbajal Castro (Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann), Peru


For me, the most valuable aspect of the programme was definitely the opportunity to meet all the amazing fellow scholars. They have become my family at Oxford and I see the scholars more on a leisurely basis than students in my program! I greatly enjoy sharing ideas and discussing pressing global issues with them, and they have taught me a great deal. It has been a wonderful year with these new and dear friends.

Siying Zhang (Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann), China, MPhil Economics


The Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Programme was an engaging experience for me, as it provided me with the tools and perspectives to understand, react to and address some of the challenges facing us - to think globally and act locally. The scholarship, by providing me with the means to undertake a degree programme at Oxford, was fundamental to me developing the knowledge and capacity to make meaningful efforts towards the conservation of forests in India.

Manan, India, MSc Environmental Change and Management