Grant to the World Food Programme in 2018 – Famine in Yemen

8 January 2019
The Foundation partners with the World Food Programme to ensure lifesaving food supplies for Yemeni people living on the edge of famine.

Following the deteriorating situation in Yemen, the Foundation provided a grant to the World Food Programme (WFP) in November 2018 to assist Yemeni people living on the edge of famine.

WFP has been supporting Yemen since the crisis begin in 2015, however recent escalation in fighting and an economic collapse have forced WFP to scale-up its level of assistance. Given that about half of the country’s entire population (12–14 million people) are estimated to be severely food insecure, the Foundation mobilized its Emergency Fund for Food Aid to address the food crisis. It is estimated that the Foundation’s contribution will ensure that lifesaving food reaches around 13,000 people for a month.

Robert Serpollet, the General Manager of the Louis Dreyfus Foundation, noted the alarming situation in Yemen: ”I was severely touched by the current situation in Yemen. All reports, pictures and videos speak by themselves. I hope that the Foundation’s grant as well as financial support of other public and private actors with the professional and dedicated guidance of the WFP’s team will help alleviate severe malnutrition in the country.”

Improving the state of food security and ensuring food sufficiency are among the key objectives of the Foundation. The Foundation’s Emergency Fund for Food Aid was created in 2014 for emergency assistance to populations facing food insecurity as a result of natural disasters or humanitarian crises. Previously the Foundation provided support to Ethiopia, South Sudan, and areas affected by Ebola virus outbreak.

More information on Yemen WFP’s programme: