Our mission and strategy

Improving food security through sustainable micro-farming and education: our strategic plan for the Foundation’s new 5-year cycle (2018 to 2023) sees the scope of this mission enlarged to include projects supporting local communities and the environment.

A broader mission for a greater impact 

Through our programs over the years, the Foundation has supported micro-farming and education initiatives that aim to bring sustainable solutions to smallholder farmers. 

Recent years have highlighted a need to support projects which, though not strictly within the Foundation’s historical scope, could be instrumental in the fight against food insecurity and poverty, and would benefit local communities and the environment, for a bigger impact in our work, and greater strides towards sustainable development. 

Leveraging Louis Dreyfus Company’s presence and talents

From its inception, the involvement of Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) employees in some of the Foundation’s projects has been instrumental to success, providing both resources and valuable expertise. 

That’s why we are working to create the conditions for greater involvement in our activities of a network of LDC people who are keen to get involved in the Foundation’s projects. 

Working under the supervision of appointed regional agents within LDC, this network will be strengthened over the coming years, aiming to facilitate employee involvement and the contribution of competencies and expertise that could maximize the positive impact of our projects. 

Acting in the right places, with the right partners

Careful selection of our program locations and partners is crucial to ensure we deliver the best possible results.

  • We support projects in rural areas that are vulnerable to food insecurity and climate change, and with significant potential to develop small-scale agricultural projects, for example to improve the quality of soil or access to water.
  • We also prioritize projects in areas where LDC has an established presence, to leverage resources and expertise, facilitate long-term employee involvement and maximize our impact. 
  • We select our partners with great care, choosing to work alongside those who demonstrate expertise, reliability, a local presence and the ability to utilize local resources, a proven track-record in managing projects related to food security, as well as strong ethics and values aligned with our own.