How we work

A key goal of our Foundation is to highlight the global issue of food insecurity, and the challenge facing humanity to double global food production in a sustainable way.

And because we believe that smallholder farmers have a key role to play in addressing food insecurity, we work to help them improve their production and prepare for the future in a sustainable way. 

To achieve this, we select projects that favor the use of simple but effective techniques with the potential to have a positive impact on both local farming communities and the environment.

Each initiative selected by the Foundation must respond to several key criteria:

  • An accurate understanding of beneficiaries' real needs
  • Support for the principle of food security
  • Innovative techniques that ensure a sustainable approach
  • Additional environmental, social and/or health benefits
  • Efficiency in project monitoring and in the provision of deliverables
  • Cost transparency and limited non-operational fees

In particular, we aim to:

  • Facilitate change by bringing simple and sustainable technical solutions to smallholders
  • Reduce poverty by helping vulnerable farming communities to increase and diversify their income sources
  • Preserve ecosystems and ensure environmental sustainability through agroecology
  • Act now and for the future through education for self-sufficiency
  • Target positive effects for entire communities, by empowering women and encouraging gender equity

We strongly believe that the combined social, environmental and economic benefits that our projects aim to produce can contribute to a lasting improvement in food security.


Louis Dreyfus Foundation is not accepting any unsolicited grant applications. The majority of funds are awarded to our long-standing partners who are invited to apply based on criteria and priorities aligned with the Foundation.