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Vocational agri-school in Ivory Coast

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Ivory Coast currently registers strong economic and demographic growth, with GDP and population increasing by 10.5% and 2.5% respectively in 2017. Agriculture is a key pillar of the country’s economy, accounting for 22% of its GDP. In this context, agricultural and rural education is a national priority, to ensure the local population reaps the benefits of the sector’s positive outlook.

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Our work

The Foundation’s joint program with Louis Dreyfus Company and French association FERT is located in the northern part of Ivory Coast, in a rural area lacking educational facilities yet with available land. Through the creation of a vocational agri-school, the Foundation aims to educate young people to become farmers, thus encouraging their contribution to the development of local rural communities and the agricultural sector. The vocational education focuses on sustainable agriculture practices and innovative agro-methods – including production, conservation, transformation, biodiversity, water and soil conservation. Meanwhile, the general education covers economics, agronomy, soil science, mathematics and computer science, as well as citizenship, nutrition, hygiene and health matters. Through the active involvement of the local population, the program seeks to build a sense of ownership. Women’s empowerment is also a priority, with a minimum of 30% of school places earmarked for female students.

A ‘Management Group’ was formed with 19 members including young farmers, representatives of farmer cooperatives and the school professor. This group will take important decisions related to the project. The project has received warm support from the local community who shares the vision for economic development in the area.

Key impacts 

A feasibility study for the project was completed in early 2018 and a suitable location for the school near the village of Niofoin (1 hour from Korhogo) was found later in the year.

60 students, of whom 30% female, are studying in the school in 2020. The project registered a 100% attendance rate, with a drop-out rate of only 6%. 30 students
also completed an internship, in line with targets.

About our partner

Fert is a French association for international cooperation for agricultural development in developing and emerging countries. Its purpose is to contribute towards creating conditions in these countries that will enable farmers to improve their living and working conditions and to contribute towards achieving food security for their country.

Project duration

2018 - 2024