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Micro-Farming / India

The Haveri district of southern India is a transitional agro-climatic zone characterized by low rainfall. Farmers - mostly from under-privileged communities with low literacy levels - have little or no access to irrigation, resources and technology, and subsist on a very limited income.

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Our work

The Foundation’s program, run in partnership with Initiatives for Development Foundation, aims to promote sustainable livelihoods for smallholder famers through knowledge sharing, community empowerment and financial inclusion.

Self-help groups of men and women farmers are organized to promote social mobilization and training in sustainable farming practices, livestock management and climate risk mitigation. 

We also help farmers to build a financial track record that will facilitate access to institutional finance. We do this through financial literacy training, the creation of a farmers-producers company and access to micro-credit.

Key impacts

Two self-help groups were set up, and the Dharithri Farmer Producers Company Ltd. Was incorporated with 822 farmer-shareholders. Promotion of gender equality and female empowerment played an important role in change management, with women actively involved in self-help groups, farmers-producers companies and the decision making process.

About our partner


Initiative for Development Foundation is involved in promotion, skill development and research in the fields of self-help groups, women empowerment and rural livelihoods. It promotes sustainable agricultural practices, natural resource management, financial inclusion and self-help throughout India.

Project duration

2016 to 2017

Book-keeping training helped us understand the importance of savings, and the self-help group allowed us get loans from the bank, including a revolving loan that we repay thanks to our savings. We are also being trained on crops and livestock, and gaining access to technologies. Some families have already adopted limewater feeding, for example, which has increased milk yields, incomes and savings.

Dilleppa Lamani Venkatapur Tanda village, India