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Empowerment & sustainability in agroforestry

Micro-farming / Indonesia

On the island of Sumatra, farmers grow high-quality Arabica coffee at high altitudes in Aceh and North Sumatra, while communities in Lampung grow coffee in protected forests which they manage and use with permits issued by the Indonesian Forestry Department. As a result of deforestation, the once rich biodiversity of the region is disappearing and soil erosion is increasing. Coffee harvest yields are negatively impacted by the lack of shade, greater weather instability and diseases linked to climate change.




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Our work

The program run by PUR Project and supported by the Foundation aims to preserve the region’s natural capital, regenerate the coffee ecosystem, ensure sustainable coffee production and diversify farmers’ income through agroforestry solutions.

Through a combination of agroforestry, training on good agricultural practices for coffee production and the implementation of monitoring tools, the program addresses urgent deforestation, erosion and poverty issues with community involvement. Tree nurseries are managed by groups of farmers, with active participation of all project members, including women. 

Key impacts

Agro-forestry has allowed improved control of soil erosion, with greater ground cover preventing surface soil from being washed away on sloped terrain, as well as micro-climate regulation, higher humidity and protection from drought. 

Planted trees provide a habitat for beneficial wildlife such as bees, leading to increased coffee pollination. Tree planting also has also diversified and increased incomes through the production of fruit, timber, and plant-based medicinal and cosmetics ingredients. 

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) training on better agricultural practices for coffee tree treatment and agroforestry were conducted, allowing beneficiaries to secure their work environment (in terms of health & safety, use of agro-chemicals, etc.) and improve their environmental sustainability (in terms of land and water use).

About our partner


A social business present across 40 countries, PUR Projet works with companies to regenerate the ecosystems they depend upon, while empowering local communities and encouraging local entrepreneurial initiatives.


Project Duration

2015 to 2022

As a coffee farmer, I know I have an impact on water resources and on deforestation. I have also noticed the detrimental effect on production of more frequent drought, higher temperature and unpredictable weather. Planting trees is good for soil preservation and fertilization, for the shade provided which helps coffee grow, and for the future of my children, as the timber will have high value.

Mr. Amerudin Village of Waysalang, Lampung, Indonesia