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Improving rice sector performance in northern Ivory Coast

Micro-farming / Ivory Coast

In countries where populations in rural areas mainly live off subsistence agriculture, with limited or no access to technology, training or financing, crop productivity is low and revenues are limited. In this context, the Louis Dreyfus Foundation aims to offer technical support and improve market access to increase revenues and ultimately improve livelihoods.

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small rice farmers involved



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Our work

In Ivory Coast, where rice is the staple food, local production is insufficient to cover community needs and is not competitive against imported rice due to poor quality. Working with NGO FairMatch Support and LDC, the Foundation is providing technical support to farmers to increase their productivity and revenues, improve competitiveness of the local rice supply chain and gain access to the domestic market. 

Key impacts

3,962 small rice producers took part in the program and registered improvements in rice productivity and quality. 130 farming cooperative leaders underwent training and can now provide technical support, helping other farmers to increase their production while securing additional income for themselves. 

About our partner

FairMatch Support (FMS) was founded in 2007 with the objective to create new opportunities in developing sustainable supply chains ‘from field to fork’. Over the past 11 years FMS gained extensive experience in developing, improving and expanding sustainable and future proof value chains in developing countries. 

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